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How to Add Images to Zen Cart Main Page

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:41 pm
by Zen4Dummies
1. Upload the image to the server and place it in the images folder.
2. Go to your admin panel and hover over TOOLS
3. Select define pages editor
4. Next go to Text Editor, click the dropdown arrow and select HTML Editor
5. Now click the dropdown arrow in the "select file to edit" and click define_main_page.php
6. The window will give a snapshot of what is on your main_page.
7. Place your cursor where you want to place the image and click.
8. On the second row of icons find the icon that looks like a picture of a mountain - click it.
9. In the first box in the popup window (image url) type the following: http:// IMAGE.EXTENSION
(space in url path added to prevent hyperlink)
10. In the second box (Alternate Text) type image name or whatever you want people to see when they hover over the image.
11. Click Preview to make sure you have the image url correct.
12. Click Save.

Image added!

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